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Your Handyman Lawns LLC Service Guide

We're excited to provide you with top-notch lawn and landscape services! To ensure a smooth experience for everyone, here are some friendly guidelines:

1. Timing and Flexibility: While we try our best to match your preferred booking time, please understand that it might not always be the exact time of arrival. Unexpected rain, inclement weather, or unforeseen emergencies with our staff may lead to rescheduling. Rest assured, we serve hundreds of customers each week and aim to accommodate you as swiftly as possible.

2. Tidy Up and Clear Spaces: Help us provide you with the best service by clearing animal toys, backyard decorations, and any items from the lawn areas that need attention. We're here to focus on the service you requested. If there are other things around, don't worry – our equipment will carefully work around them.

3. Payment Made Easy: To keep things hassle-free, please make your payment on the same day as the service or within a day after. We appreciate your promptness!

4. Landscape Deposits: For landscape projects needing materials, a deposit of at least 60% of the material cost is required. This helps us get things rolling smoothly for your dream outdoor space.

5. Property Protection: Your peace of mind is important to us. In case of any unintended property damage caused by Handyman Lawns LLC, be assured that you're covered by our comprehensive general liability insurance.

6. Access and Convenience: If we can't access your property due to locked gates or absence, we won't make a second visit on the same day. Simply reschedule through our user-friendly online platform.

7. Transparent Pricing: Starting at just $45, our Lawn Service prices may vary based on your unique needs. The prices listed on our website are starting points and may not represent the final cost. Areas with excessive weeds, overgrown grass, lots of leaves, or grass taller than 8 inches may have additional charges.

8. Punctuality Pays: Late with your payment? No worries!  If


you have made a promise to pay, through either text, email, or


verbal, and we have still not received payment, we reserve the 


right to place a lien on the property we serviced. 


For placement of a lien there is a hourly rate of $150.00 


with an 8 hour minimum.  This does not include the unpaid 


amount, late fees, court cost, travel time, and any other fees


"we" acquire for lien placement on said property location.

9. Safety First: During our service, please keep your furry friends and little ones safe by having them indoors. Safety is our priority!

10. Deposits and Cancellations: If a deposit is needed for Lawn Service and/or any service and you need to cancel before the scheduled date, please note that the deposit is non-refundable.

11. Stay Updated: Just a heads up, these guidelines may change occasionally without prior notice. Whenever you see "we," "us," "our," or "our team," it refers to and/or Handyman Lawns LLC.

Thank you for choosing us for your lawn care needs. We're committed to making your outdoor space look amazing, and we're here to assist you every step of the way!

12.  When "Booking Online" or any other way for Handyman Lawns LLC to perform a service on said property, you "the customer" agree to all provisions spelled out in our Disclaimer.  Disclaimer may change at anytime without notice.

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